Empowering Foster Children to Overcome Life’s Challenges

Education. Therapy services. Life skills. Home-like housing. An ecosystem of hope all in one campus setting. Help us create brighter futures for foster children.

Where Brighter Futures Begin & Despair Turns Into Hope

Children in foster care face some unique challenges. After experiencing difficult situations with their families, they are removed, often suddenly, from their homes and placed with unfamiliar caregivers. Many times, they have nothing but a garbage bag of their belongings when they arrive at their new placement. It’s a traumatizing experience.

Despite experiencing abuse, neglect, abandonment, and being removed from their family homes for no fault of their own, society expects foster children to develop and mature at the same rate as their non-foster care peers. Once a youth ages out of the foster care system (usually at 18 years of age), foster homes can no longer care for them and they are on their own. This leads to high levels of homelessness and incarceration for aged-out former foster care youth.

Southern Cross Campus Inc aims to empower foster children and help them work through the unique challenges that they face. Our program consists of three entities that work together as a vibrant ecosystem to bring all of the services that foster children need into one campus setting. Those entities include home-like housing, a colliegate charter school, and administration.

No more slipping through the cracks. We have solutions for pregnant teens. Also, youth that complete our program will be followed up with for a year to assist them with their transition to adulthood.

Have questions about our program? Contact us. We would love to talk to you about how Southern Cross Campus Inc can help children and youth in foster care in your area.

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